Here are some of our favorite games to play:

Fruit Basket

Everyone sits in chairs that are facing in a circle except one player – that one is in the middle. The person in the middle is “it” and gets to call out things that would describe other people in the group (everyone who has brown hair, anyone wearing flip flops, anyone who goes to __ School, etc.). ┬áThose who fit the description must get up and go to another chair across the circle, . . . FAST! We have a rule that you can’t go to the chair next to you to make people run everywhere (we find it works best to set a minimum number of chairs that they must move over.) The one in the middle tries to find an empty chair so someone else will be “it” and not him. Or, they can call “Fruit Basket” and EVERYONE must find a new chair.

This game works great because the winner or the loser could actually be flipped. If you have someone that likes to be the center of attention they may try to be “it” on purpose and they consider that winning while you could have a quiet person that just wants to sit back down again and they win by not being “it”.

We love this game and play it quite often.

Four Corners

This game will work almost anywhere you can find a large space that has four separate corners, although a gym is ideal. Break the group into four equal teams and assign them each a different corner. The youth leader stands in the center and explains that each team will have to cross the room to the corner opposite them at the same time and that the last team to their corner is out. The catch is that the youth leader will tell them how they will cross the room. This is what makes it challenging. We find that crab walk, army crawl, rolling, moonwalking, and lunges makes for good entertainment. This game can be played fairly quickly and is a good way to rapidly begin an event.

We hope you like these games. Stay tuned we’ll be posting more of our favorites.