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3 Nights


+Includes all 3 nights for your entire youth group

+Night Outlines

+Social Media Posts

+Poster Templates

+Parent emails

+Free Tech Support


Individual Event

1 Night

$10 per student

+Will not cost more than $199

+Night Outline

+Social Media Posts

+Poster Template

+Parent email

+Free Tech Support



Free Night Outline

You’ll get a night outline with a schedule, the talk outline, small group questions and much more.

Free Email Templates

We’ll also give you simple email templates to send your parents. Just cut, paste and personalize the email and you’ll be all set.

Free Social Media Posts

You’ll have access to pre-made social media posts done by our graphic artists for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Free Promotional Poster

Also included in the event price are free promotional posters that you can print in color or black and white to advertise around your Parish.


Free Announcements

We’ll send you simple, quick announcements that you can put in your bulletin to advertise for the event.

Free Tech Experts

Free tech experts can walk you through setting up your access. From computer to screen, with whatever you use.

What Other Youth Ministers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us!

It’s nice when you meet someone who sees a need and who has a clear vision of what they want to do in order to meet that need. When Matt first talked to me about what he wanted to do with Catholics Live I was very excited.  He is a great leader, family man and lover of the faith, and I was honored to be a part of this ministry early on.  I hope you check Catholics Live out for yourself, I am confident you’ll love it!

Chris Padgett

National Catholic Speaker

Catholics live was a great event and brought our youth group a lot closer. Catholics live allowed all of us to tweet all of our questions and it allowed us to talk, joke and pray as if we were there. We as a youth group thought this event was very universal since a lot of people were watching it at the same time we were and we all felt a since of unity. My youth group is so excited for this next years Catholics Live event.

Keaton V.

Youth Participant

Catholics live was AMAZING! It brings the feel of a large conference right to the convenience of the parish. It allowed me to sit back and watch my students absorb the richness of our faith without having to fuss over paperwork and small group preparation. In fact my catechists were also blown away by the opportunity to hear such a great speaker with all of the details worked out for us. I would definitely recommend Catholics Live to any youth ministry.

Angela Basse

Coordinator of Youth Ministry, St Charles Borromeo OKC

Frequently Asked Questions

What forms of payments do you take?

You can request an invoice and pay via check or use our online check out process that uses PayPal. With PayPal you can use visa, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal credit.

How do I live stream the live video event?

It’s simple to teach but difficult to write on a FAQ page. The bottom line; if you have internet, a computer or a smart TV you can do it. We offer free tech support for everyone who participates but if you have questions before you purchase email


What can I use to stream the live video event?

Anything with a web browser. Many youth ministers use a laptop connected to either their youth room TV or projector. Some have used the web browser on their smart TV, an apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick etc. They all should work.

We also offer free tech support on all purchases, however if you have questions about your equipment before you purchase feel free to email with any specific questions.

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If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.